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Why Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries For Baby Showers

You’re invited to a baby shower!  Whether you are the mom-to-be or just looking for an excuse to bake some yummy treats, chocolate-covered strawberries are always welcome. But how do you make them? We’ve found the answer with these 10 easy steps on how to make chocolate-covered strawberries. You can even get creative and add some whipped cream or fresh berries if you want something sweet and fruity! Now all that is left is deciding what flavor of ganache (chocolate) you will use. Melt the milk chocolate in a double boiler over low heat.

Add heavy whipping cream until it seems like it’s at the right consistency. Remove from heat and add the butter to the ganache. Add strawberry extract and stir well. Dip strawberries into the ganache and lay on parchment paper. Set in fridge to cool for an hour. To coat, place parchment paper on a pan and drop 1 tsp of coating mix onto it, using another spoon or your finger to push the mix into a flat, even layer. Drip chocolate-covered strawberries into the center of the mix, turn over gently and lift out.

With the back of a spoon, push excess coating mix to sides of strawberries. This will leave you with a chocolaty ball on each side – don’t worry, it’s supposed to look that way. Let your chocolate-covered strawberries sit until dry, then serve! Store in an airtight container in the fridge. If you are feeling really creative, then drizzle some melted blue or pink white chocolate over your strawberries for a little extra flare.

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Just follow these simple steps on how to make chocolate-covered strawberries, and you will have an easy treat for anyone who has a sweet tooth! If you’re planning a baby shower and want to impress your guests, there’s no better gift than chocolate-covered strawberries. These delicious treats are easy to make and can be given out in abundance.

They won’t cost much, either – the ingredients will only set you back about $4 for 10 of them! It’s even easier to make chocolate-covered strawberries for a shower if you buy the ingredients in bulk. You should be able to get all of this at your local wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club or BJ’s Wholesale Club. If not, don’t worry; they’re readily available at most supermarkets and online. Most markets and cooking stores sell prepackaged chocolate-covered strawberries in bulk at a pretty reasonable price.

If you prefer not to buy any of the ingredients in bulk, you can get all of what you need for this treat for around $4. You’ll also want to purchase gift boxes or bags that are large enough to hold your finished product. If you’re giving them out at the shower, you may want to wrap them up in tulle (the stuff that they sell at craft stores for tying up bouquets) and finish it off with a baby-themed ribbon.”

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