For the Same Day Delivery and Pick-up please call us

Delivery and Pickup


We deliver 7 days a week to all hospitals, military bases, universities, schools, commercials or as well to any residential addresses. As you know our chocolate strawberry bouquets are edible and due to this reason we don’t offer shipping. But we deliver these edible bouquet through NYC, NJ 

We would like to mention that our strawberry arrangements are not only beautiful but first of all, they are edible bouquets and shall be enjoyed soon. This is the reason, we believe you should tell your loved ones that there is a delivery coming with a surprise and make sure they are at the address for the delivery. You don’t need to tell them what it is, we wouldn’t either, but make sure that they know something delicious is coming. Otherwise, this surprise could be spoiled, as if we take the chocolate strawberry bouquets to their neighbours  or have to leave it outside, the recipient might not be there on time to enjoy the box of chocolate strawberries

We may contact the client before we deliver. We sometimes confirm the delivery address and specify the time frame if we are running late due to traffic jams or any force-majeure situations.

Troubleshooting for the deliveries

We always and immediately inform you, if there are any issues with the delivery of your order. We will definitely call you at any time. This is the most important condition for the successful delivery – please keep your phone on and be available to take our call.