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" Berryccino" keeps your love alive

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Hi, my name is Leyla!

I am the founder of Berryccino. I took my first steps towards “ Berryccino” when my husband and I were going for a birthday party, barely having an idea of what to gift. So, we surfed the internet to look for a company which compiles the strawberries, chocolates, and flowers all together but found none. So, we decided to make it ourselves. On reaching the party, we enthralled a plethora of hearts, and that’s how we started. Bunches of roses, carnations of lilies, and bouquets of a plethora of flowers are quite overrated versions. We offer something out of the box, and that is the bouquets of chocolates and strawberries

Exciting? Right?

Since 2019, I treat the relationship and feelings of my clients like mine, and this has made it possible for me to effortlessly deliver a perfect bouquet that bring smile and joy.

When I started this start-up company “ Berryccino” on 19th March 2019, I was not aware of its boundaries, but I surely knew one thing that it is going to be a give and take relationship. Since that day, I am spreading creativity with love while taking forward my hobby to business, and I am getting love back from my clients. The best part is the equal support I am getting from my husband, which makes all the emotions lively and make the process quite easy.

When we entered the business, we barely had any knowledge about making different shape bouquets, but gradually we started gaining experience over time. While working on creativity, we have developed various designs and shapes in the form of bouquets itself.

We offer the following types of combinations to our clients:

  • Round Box Bouquets: With our thriving range of round box bouquets, you can surely raise the standards of your way of greeting someone. With the elegant choice of flowers, you can surely impress your special someone.
  • Baskets: In case of baskets, you can please your family members or relatives with the classy look of the bouquet compilation. The fresh flowers used in basket bouquets will surely freshen the love of your near and dear ones.
  • Envelopes: If you want to gift flowers, chocolates, and strawberries to an official friend, colleague, client, or boss, then nothing can beat the feeling of grace offered by the envelopes. Even if you are sending an invitation to anybody, then also, envelopes can be the right choice to offer.
  • Bouquets: The bouquets are the frank ones which you can offer to anyone regardless of the situation because the whole globe gets crazy receiving bouquets.
  • Something special: Although shapes do not make a huge difference in making impressions, customized bouquets surely can. Whether it’s Valentine’s day, Christmas, or some other occasion, you can always find a bright bouquet expressing the right feeling to your beloved.

Deciding the bouquet shape for different occasions is entirely your choice, but you are always welcomed to express your feelings to your kith and kin with the help of our customized bouquets.

Furthermore, counting on the principles of our business;

  • When it comes to making bouquets, we are strict with the use of Belgian chocolates only because of their premium quality.
  • We don’t own a store and the best thing we offer the homemade stuff to our clients while looking forward to maintaining a strong relationship with our clients.
  • In the choice of strawberries, we make sure to pick the organic ones only in the heed of client satisfaction.
  • We are not the only sellers of strawberries and chocolates in Brooklyn, but we are probably the single to combine chocolates and strawberries with flowers to intensify the beauty of the bouquets.

We Are In Numbers

“Berryccino” offers edible bouquets for all your friends, family members, relatives, and special ones. For every occasion, and every relation, we come up with something exciting which can make your near and dear ones go crazy. We take care of all your thanking notes, apologies, and official meeting, and therefore, we design the bouquets accordingly to keep your impression and feel alive.

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Knock the doors of “ Berryccino” whenever you need to bring spark in any relationship.

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