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What can you make with dipped chocolate?

Chocolate-dipped fruits and berries for dessert is an amazing choice to create a romantic atmosphere and make someone feel special. These treats easily become tasty edible gifts to bring to neighbors, parties, and teachers or someone you love. But with what fruit and berries can we make them?


belgian chocolate covered strawberries





Strawberries are on the top of the list to dip in chocolate. The taste, delight of chocolate-covered strawberries make an ideal partner for the richness of the chocolate. The most important thing about strawberries is that they have to be fresh and ripe. It’s definitely the perfect way to seduce the special someone with a basket of chocolate-covered arrangements!








Bananas and chocolate are a great combo. This match of awesome chocolate-dipped bananas is enough to satisfy anyone’s chocolate craving. Bananas get a fun upgrade when they’re dipped in chocolate and slathered in sprinkles or nut pieces.




chocolate dipped bananas


chocolate clementines





These classic chocolate-covered clementines will never go out of style. The citrus flavor of clementines mixes perfectly with the decadent flavor of rich chocolate.Mandarin Oranges are so abundant and couldn’t be tastier. Extremely sweet and juicy – loved and adored by young and old.


How would you choose the best chocolate for it?

After choosing the fruits and berries it’s time to select the best chocolate for it. Let’s admit it – there is nothing like chocolate when it comes to its unique flavor and texture. Although it is difficult to pin down exactly when chocolate was first invented, this sweet delight has always been cherished in some form or another since the start of human civilization. 

We can’t deny the fact that using high quality chocolates while making dipped fruits and berries can make the taste more mouth-watering. High quality chocolates have a wide range of flavors, from spicy to fruity to floral, in a full range of cocoa solid levels from milky 32% to extra dark 70% to unsweetened 100%. 

  1. High-quality chocolate should contain cocoa or cocoa butter. If cocoa is not the primary ingredient, the chocolate is likely high in sugar.
  2. The more chocolate is protected from light and moisture, the longer its shelf life will be.
  3. A chocolate of about 60% cocoa is good for snacking, while a chocolate with at least 80% cocoa will have a strong, bitter flavor better suited for baking.
  4. Make sure it’s a good quality tempered chocolate, so it will not get melted easily 

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