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Happy Birthday Balloon +
Huge Red Heart Balloon +
Heart Balloon Pink +
Heart Balloon Red +
Heart Balloon Purple +
Heart Balloon Blue +
Love Balloon (doesn't fly) +
Champagne Balloon +
Whiskey Balloon +
6 pcs macarons +
12 pcs macarons +
Tote Bag +
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  • Looking for delicious Ramadan edible treats and Eid gifts? Look no further. A moon-shaped box for Ramadan gift can be a thoughtful and symbolic gesture, as the moon is an important symbol of the Islamic faith and is used to mark the beginning and end of the month of Ramadan. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to give during Ramadan, here are best idea:Chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered dates in half moon box can be enjoyed as a sweet treat to break the fast during Ramadan or served as a dessert at an iftar meal, which is the meal that breaks the fast at sunset. They are also a great option for gifting to friends and family during the month of Ramadan.From sweet to savory, we have something for everyone. And don’t forget to check out our Eid gifts, which include baskets filled with your favorite treats and goodies. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, our Ramadan and Eid collection has everything you need to make the season extra special.
    • 12-14 pcs strawberries
    • 3-5 pcs dates
    • Seasonal flowers

    *Disclaimer: As with all arrangements, flowers & materials are subjected to change based on availability. We will do our best to ensure that the arrangement fits to your taste!

    *Disclaimer: These photos belong Berryccino.Please do not remove or crop the logo out of the photos without allowance. Thank you!

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