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Celebrate a special arrival with Berryccino’s Petal Princess Baby Girl Gift – an enchanting and unique choice for baby showers or gender reveal parties. This beautifully designed bassinet, a highlight among our range of edible newborn gifts, is a testament to creativity and elegance.

The Petal Princess Gift is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, featuring a decorative bassinet box arranged with a delicate blend of pink, lavender, and white roses. Perfect for baby showers, this gift set is not just a present but a stunning centerpiece that captures the essence of joy and celebration.

At Berryccino, we understand that the beauty of a gift lies in its personal touch. Therefore, our team is dedicated to artfully arranging your gift delivery, complete with a personalized card message penned by you. This approach ensures that your gift carries not just aesthetic appeal but also emotional value.

Seasonal Flowers – A Touch of Nature’s Best Embracing the beauty of nature, our Petal Princess Gift features seasonal flowers.

This choice adds an element of surprise and freshness to each gift, as we handpick the best flowers available. But rest assured, our commitment to creating a pretty and heartwarming gift remains steadfast.

Authentic and Original Designs from Berryccino Each of our designs, including the Petal Princess Gift, is a testament to Berryccino’s commitment to originality and quality. We kindly remind our patrons that these photos are the property of Berryccino.

We appreciate your cooperation in not removing or cropping the logo from the photos without permission. Our Pinterest collection, especially the Welcome Baby Girl Gift – Edible Newborn Gifts  is a trove of ideas and inspirations for your next special occasion.

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