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1 red heart, 4 latex balloon +
1 pink heart, 4 latex balloon +
1 HB, 4 latex balloon +
1 red heart, 4 latex balloon +
1 pink heart, 4 latex balloon +
1 HB, 4 latex balloon +
Happy Birthday Balloon +
Huge Red Heart Balloon +
Heart Balloon Pink +
Heart Balloon Red +
Heart Balloon Purple +
Heart Balloon Blue +
Love Balloon (doesn't fly) +
Champagne Balloon +
Whiskey Balloon +
6 pcs macarons +
12 pcs macarons +
Tote Bag +
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Berryccino  offers you twinkle light box of rich chocolate-dipped strawberries arranged with blue roses. Order our with chocolate strawberry arrangements roses and celebrate any special occasion with us. It’s a romantic edible gift for the love of your life!

Flowers always held a special significance when expressing appreciation, especially for our loved ones. However, flowers have limited aesthetic value, and although they are pleasant to receive, their lifespan is also often times quite short. We offer a unique and classy solution to the dilemma of how to best express your love and appreciation for the special women in your life and to impress her with your creativity.

Everything tastes better with chocolate. These chocolate strawberries are fresh, ripe berries dipped in melted white or milk Belgian chocolate and arranged in a beautiful twinkle box with royal blue roses.

Each chocolate covered strawberry box is different from the next, so embrace a sweet surprise and order yours today. Our team will artfully arrange your gift delivery, which can include a personalized card message written by you.

  • 20 pcs strawberries
  • Roses

Pop-Up Balloon Installation Option:

If you choose the “Pop-Up Balloon Installation” option, please send up to 4 pictures to

Money Pop-Up Installation Option:

If you choose the “Money Pop-Up Installation” option, please follow these steps:

  1. Bring Cash Bills to Our Store: Before the scheduled delivery or pick-up time, kindly bring the cash bills you wish to use for the money pop-up installation to our store. Please ensure the bills are in good condition and appropriate denominations for the occasion.
  2. Inform Us About the Number of Bills: Call or email us to let us know how many bills you would like to put inside the pop-up installation. Our team will assist you in arranging the bills in the most visually appealing way.
  3. Self-Placement Option for Deliveries: If your order includes delivery to your address, we offer a self-placement option. We will provide you with empty bags along with the pop-up installation. You can place the cash bills inside the installation at your convenience before your event.

For any inquiries or to provide the necessary information, please contact us at or call +13156642576.

Disclaimer: As with all arrangements, flowers & materials are subjected to change based on availability.

*Disclaimer: These photos belong Berryccino. Please do not remove or crop the logo out of the photos without allowance. Thank you!

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