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Here in Berryccino you can find chocolate covered strawberries to order for Christmas! This holiday themed chocolate dipped strawberries are ideal for making and sharing with friends and family. Order our simply delicious edible Christmas gifts now!

White and purple colored Belgian chocolate – they will be absolutely delicious!  Top with a bit of extra chocolate drizzle and arranged roses  you will have a delicious treat everyone loves! Each chocolate covered strawberry box is different from the next, so embrace a sweet surprise and order yours today. Our team will artfully arrange your gift delivery, which can include a personalized card message written by you.

  • 12-15 pcs strawberries
  • Purple small roses
  • Pine cones
  • Christmas tree branches
  • Christmas decorations

*Disclaimer: As with all arrangements, flowers & materials are subjected to change based on availability.

*Disclaimer: These photos belong Berryccino. Please do not remove or crop the logo out of the photos without allowance. Thank you!

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