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father's day edible gift arrangements
father's day edible gift arrangements

How To Make Fathers Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Father’s day is just around the corner, and while it’s a day to celebrate fatherhood, it can also be an opportunity to spoil Dad. This year, why not give him something he never expected? I have compiled a quick list of some creative Father’s Day gift ideas for you. Surprise Dad with his favorite meal on Father’s Day morning or afternoon! Take this time to cook up his favorite recipes or go out for brunch at his favorite restaurant. Whatever you do, make sure that there are no kids in sight! He might not want them messing up the kitchen while he enjoys himself.

Let your Dad relax by taking care of all the chores around the house that he hates doing, like cleaning up after dinner or taking out the trash. Oh, and by the way, you’re welcome! A simple coffee with his favorite cream or flavored creamer will do just fine, or breakfast in bed with eggs, toast, bacon, sausage are also great ideas that are easy to pull off if you’re trying to impress your Dad this Father’s Day. I know what you are thinking; how am I going to pull this off? Well, no need to worry, these chocolate-covered strawberries are pretty easy to make, and they are also quite tasty.

And if you are worried about the mess that comes with the process, don’t be; they are easy to clean up. If you follow the directions step by step, I am sure that your father will love his Father’s Day gift, whether it’s your Dad or someone else in your life. Alright, let’s get to the recipe. I will be making chocolate-covered strawberries for my Dad this year. We are very close, almost like father and son. Well, I guess you could say that he is more of a friend than a dad to me, but don’t tell him that! Anyways, I hope that you enjoy this post!

Get these ingredients: Strawberries (You can use any fruit that your Dad likes.), chocolate baking chips, semisweet dark melting wafers and cocoa powder. Tools needed for this recipe are a bowl, spoon, knife, and baking sheet. The first step is to wash the strawberries and place them on a wire basket for easy dipping in chocolate later.

Next, you will want to melt your chocolate (don’t microwave the chocolate). You will need not more than half of a cup of chocolate chips or roughly about 1/4 of dark melting wafers. If you are unsure if the chocolate has melted, test it by running your finger along with the chocolate. If the line stays, then the chocolate is ready for dipping! Once you have your melted chocolate, place one strawberry at a time on top of it. Make sure to dip the entire head of the strawberry in chocolate and make sure that it covers all of the strawberries.

Next, place the chocolate-covered strawberries on a baking sheet with wax paper to cool them off for approximately 10 minutes. While your strawberries are cooling, you should clean up any mess that may have occurred during the process! I know that this is probably not an easy task to do, but it sure will be worth it when your Dad eats his fruits on Father’s Day. Anyways, this is how you make chocolate-covered strawberries! Once your strawberries have cooled, you can add some cocoa powder or some icing to give it a nice look that will make your Dad love them even more! I am going to add a bit of both so my Dad’s day gift is extra special and tastes great too!

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