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romantic edible gift
romantic edible gift

How to enjoy chocolate covered strawberries?

Learn how you can enjoy chocolate covered strawberries and care for bouquets of flowers at the same time?! Love Berry offers simple and popular chocolate strawberry arrangements with seasonal flowers for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday parties, or anytime you’re craving a sweet little treat. But when is the best time to eat it?

Eat chocolate covered strawberries but..

All ingredients are handpicked and purchased every morning from our local suppliers, so when they are delivered, they are all fresh and cooled down. This is the best time to enjoy them, if you need to hold them for a bit longer allow the strawberries to set at room temperature. The strawberries will be completely fine set out all day at room temperature or in a cool place


They are best enjoyed on the day of

They will still be edible the following day but they will be tastier if you enjoy them the same day they are made. Chocolate covered strawberries shall be eaten within 1 day/24 hours after you received it. The best temperature for chocolate is +48-53F degrees in a dry place.Just remember, the strawberries give away juice when they are covered with chocolate or any other sweet sugary coating. Don’t leave them in a car, in direct sunlight or next to a heating device, make sure you have your air-conditioner on before and during driving. This product is best when eaten within 24 hours, if you have to keep it a little longer, you might use a cellar or a wine fridge for it. If the weather is too hot – don’t keep it in a space without an air conditioner. If you are camping or have an outdoor party – don’t leave it for too long for ants and bugs to attack

chocolate strawberries in the freezer

Keep the flowers fresh in the vase

A bouquet of beautiful roses can bring cheer to any space and leave a lasting impression, even after they’re gone. Whether you’ve received an anniversary arrangement, a birthday bouquet or an engagement chocolate-dipped strawberry arrangement with seasonal flowers, you’ll want to enjoy them for as long as possible.Flowers and some plants we use drink much more, so when you disassemble the bouquet, please refill them and you can enjoy your flowers for longer.

Your flowers won’t last long without water, especially once their stems have been cut. After picking out a clean vase, fill it with room temperature water.It’s also important to clean your vase thoroughly and change out the water and flower food every two to three days. In addition to general care, people have also been experimenting with different ways to make flowers last longer. Think household remedies like adding pennies, aspirin and even vodka to your flower water.


Care for Boxed Flowers

To keep your flower bloom box looking fresh for a longer period of time, keep your flowers in a cool dry, out of direct sunlight and heat.

Keep the flowers fresh by adding small amounts of water in between the arrangement, to keep them hydrated. This will keep the flowers fresh for 2-3 days.

Voila it’s all set! Unique and fresh treats that bring the romantic out in all of us. Enjoy your beautiful roses and strawberries dipped in rich chocolate with your beloved ones!

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