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10 Homemade Edible Christmas Gift Ideas 2022


It’s that time of the year again. And gifts are an essential part of a festive holiday! Christmas gifts don’t have to be complicated anymore. Here you can find 10 different and original edible Christmas gifts for family or friend gatherings!

Christmas Tree Decorated Chocolate Covered Strawberry Basket

Yummiest Christmas Gift ever!  Since this is the most delicious time of the year, Berryccino thought it would be fun to put a Christmas tree and fresh strawberries together. This Chocolate covered strawberry themed Christmas tree is the perfect to share with neighbors and friends. Also they are the perfect holiday desserts and treats for Christmas Parties! For order click here 

Christmas Chocolate Strawberry Tower
Edible Christmas Snow Domes

There is something so magical about building a snowman. Maybe it’s because of the enchanting tale of Frosty, but everyone likes snowmen, from the littlest of kids to senior adults. Why not capture some of that snowy magic in edible form? Like edible Christmas Snow Domes.This gift literally captures the essence of Christmas, making for a deliciously edible snow globe! Find recipe here

edible snow globe
Edible Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Gingerbread cookies are the inseparable part of Christmas but what if we make them in a more presentable and delicious way? Try Gingerbread Christmas  and make it the star of your festive celebrations. You can find the full recipe here

ginger bread tree
Snowflake Cookies

How festive and pretty are the snowflake sugar cookies?! Snowflake cookies are roll-out sugar cookies that are enticing to behold once they’re decorated with royal icing and, if you want to get a little fancy, a sprinkling of decorative sugar. So pretty you may not want to give them away. You can find the full recipe here

snowflake cookies
Red Velvet Santa Hat Cookies

Next Christmas edible is Red velvet Santa cookies!  Give Christmas a warm welcome this Christmas by leaving out a few of these jolly red velvet Santa hat cookies. Little helpers can get involved dipping the red velvet cookies into melted white chocolate to achieve that classic hat trim. Some left once Santa has departed? They make fabulous edible Christmas gifts, too.

red velvet cookies for christmas
Maple Bacon Jam

A little effort goes a long way – this delicious  bacon jam is the ideal edible Christmas gift for the food-fanatic in your family. The perfect partner for a festive cheese board, you can store this jam for months and enjoy the incredible flavors of sweet maple throughout the Christmas period.


maple bacon jam
Champagne with Fruit Basket Arrangement

Berryccino’s special New Year’s package – a chilled bottle of Moet Brut Imperial, basket of delicious chocolate covered strawberries covered with Christmas decorations, plus 2 champagne glasses for the brand-new beginnings. Click here to order 

new year's eve chocolate covered strawberry arrangements
Chai-spiced Vodka with the Basket of Mixed Nuts

Cloves, vanilla, cardamom and an array of other spices all star in this fragrant vodka that’s perfect for gifting this festive season. Give a perfect gift to celebrate the New Year with the bottle of vodka and mixed nuts!


vanilla vodka
Christmas Cake Pops

Christmas Pudding Cake Pops made with leftover madeira cake, condensed milk, white and milk chocolate and sprinkles, a fantastic way of using up any leftover cake, and a spectacular festive dessert for the whole family. Super easy to make, but so delicious and pretty too!


christmas cake pops
Christmas themed Chocolate Covered Strawberry Arrangements

Christmas chocolate covered strawberries are making their last rounds before they finally disappear, and the idea of New Year’s resolutions is on everyone’s minds. Berryccino is presenting a holiday chocolate covered strawberry arrangement to make you and your beloved ones happy on New Year’s Eve! Click for order

Christmas Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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