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10 Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Kids

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for kids to show how much they love and appreciate their mom. While handmade gifts splattered with paint and glitter are always cherished, sometimes kids like to give something a bit more special. Whether it’s a few dollars from their allowance or just an extra dose of love they want to share, picking the perfect gift can be exciting. Here are ten fantastic Mother’s Day gift ideas from kids that any mom will adore.

  1. Sparkling Strawberry Surprise

Treat mom to a Sparkling Strawberry Surprise, a delightful arrangement of fresh strawberries dipped in sparkling sugar and dark chocolate. This sweet and sparkling bouquet is both delicious and beautiful, making it a perfect Mother’s Day treat.

  1. Mom’s Sunshine Fruit Basket

Brighten Mom’s day with the Mom’s Sunshine Fruit Basket. This cheerful basket is filled with sun-kissed pineapple stars, juicy strawberries, and melon balls, arranged in a smile-inducing pattern that says “I love you” in the sweetest way.

  1. Custom Art Coaster Set

Turn your child’s artwork into a practical gift with the Custom Art Coaster Set. This set allows kids to have their drawings transferred onto a set of durable coasters, giving mom a useful and memorable addition to her coffee table.

Cost: $35.99

  1. Little Wonders Photo Pillow

Create a comfy and customized Little Wonders Photo Pillow featuring your choice of photos or a collage of mom’s favorite moments. It’s a cozy gift that will give mom a hug even when you’re not there.

Cost: $19.95

  1. Family Story Throw Blanket

Wrap mom in love with the Family Story Throw Blanket, a personalized fleece blanket that includes text overlays of family names, important dates, or a short family story woven into its design.

Cost: $9.98

  1. Mom’s Love Pendant

Celebrate mom with the Mom’s Love Pendant, a delicate necklace that features a heart-shaped pendant inscribed with the names of her children. It’s available in sterling silver or gold-plated options, making it a versatile and cherished accessory.

Cost: $59.00

  1. Family Fun Puzzle

Give the gift of fun with a Family Fun Puzzle. Personalize this puzzle with a family photo or a selection of pictures that mom loves. It’s a great way for her to enjoy a relaxing afternoon piecing together memories.

Cost: $13.99

  1. Soothing Spa Soap Sampler

Pamper mom with the Soothing Spa Soap Sampler, a collection of handcrafted, natural soaps featuring calming scents like lavender, chamomile, and vanilla. It’s a luxurious way for mom to unwind.

Cost: $14.99

  1. Keepsake Mom’s Journal

Encourage a year of reflection with the Keepsake Mom’s Journal. This journal includes prompts and questions to guide mom in writing down her thoughts, hopes, and memories of motherhood.

Cost: $25.00

  1. Custom Memory Photo Album

Preserve precious moments with the Custom Memory Photo Album. This album can be personalized with a cover photo and includes pages for mom to add captions and notes beside her favorite family snapshots.

Cost: $19.98

These delightful and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas from kids are sure to make any mom smile and feel deeply loved. Whether it’s something sweet to eat, a cozy item for the home, or a personal keepsake, each gift is meaningful and special, just like mom.

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